These videos are purely for sample purposes to show the range of work I've done.  

Title Design & Animation

Created concept and look based on the movie and other press materials. I created Blu-ray, DVD and iTunes menus for this title.

Created the concept and look based on the movie - went for a very minimalist style to focus on the beautiful visuals.

Created the environment and aliens in 3D and composited the footage into the video. Also created the flaming menu bar below.

Created the concept and look. I illustrated the vines, peaches, as well as the spider webs, and then animated everything in After Effects. 

For this title, I created the environment based on the invitation in the movie. I created and animated the sperm shaped confetti, and created all the assets used in the background.

For 13, I created the gun barrel and bullets in Cinema 4D and composited the footage in After Effects. I also created the original concept for the menu.

This was a team effort to create one of our first 3D BD menus. I created the text, as well as the large, one-eyed machine in the background. I also created and animated the siren light.